A sense for solutions

Birte Karalus – Consensus Finder

genuine. to the point. empathic.

As a moderation expert, Birte Karalus is specialized in creating communication between parties in complex discussion rounds and – if required – in establishing communication with and in the public.
Thanks to her interdisciplinary competence and decades of experience in controversial areas of tension, she quickly manages to establish clarity, understanding and trust. Sustainable decisions can be made on this basis.


Negotiation (Schranner Institut, Zurich)
Mediation EMB Institut
Peacemaking (CEDR, London)
TV moderations (Anchor)
Ambassador for Jane Goodall and the German Stroke Association
Member Chatham House

For years as a journalist, moderator and mediator in front of television cameras, on the relevant international stages for business and politics, in my own life – in and with the public – I got a deep insight into the emergence and dynamics of conflicts.

Disputes – properly conducted – can bring us together. For only those who argue can come together!

In addition to communicative skills, this requires an attitude and a clear will to find consensus. My claim within a conflict moderation is to create clarity, to dissolve blocking complexity and to create the space for finding consensus to become possible.

Without conflict, there will be no peace. It depends on how we meet and that we allow the finding of the best possible solution.

Facing conflicts to find clarity

In a conflict, different positions collide – mostly unfiltered and the actual problem and thus the solution, remains under the carpet. My task as a mediator is to bring these differences to the table in a clarifying way so that the potential of the conflict can show the solution.

Two different positions (the two K’s) find each other in such a way that they make something new possible (the diamond in between).

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