Deal with complex conflicts

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Strength from an outside view

When a conflict has reached an impasse, it is important to look for a way out that can break the deadlock and get the dispute back on track.
The perspective from outside can be a decisive driver. Here it is important to gain an overview and to find a way out of the small details and back to the big picture.
As a journalist and moderator, Birte Karalus has been in conversation with countless people about a wide variety of conflicts – both on the big stage and behind the scenes. She has worked with world leaders, CEOs, scientists and spiritual leaders. Over the years, one insight has solidified for her from all those encounters:
Controversy, properly conducted, can bring us together. Because only those who argue can come together!
The key to releasing this creative and unifying potential lies in our ability to deal with conflict professionally, and thus in the way we encounter one another.

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