Bridging different perspectives


Unravel complexity – create clarity

More than ever, we face complex challenges, both in substance and in interpersonal terms.
We have to make decisions of enormous significance, the consequences of which we sometimes find difficult to assess – from the broad strokes of politics to private everyday decisions.
In this uncertainty, fronts are hardening, established relationships are threatened, solutions seem unattainable. Under this pressure, an escalating spiral of conflicts emerges.
With her moderation, Birte Karalus is able to effectively advance differently assembled discussion groups with regard to a defined goal.
The objective of the rounds can be to convey complex information, to clarify an issue or to solve concrete challenges.
Above all, however, moderation creates clarity so that decisions can be made and communicated.
Birte Karalus creates an atmosphere in which all parties can deal with each other in a straightforward manner in order to avoid future confrontations.
She brings motion into conflicts so that solutions can emerge which unite instead of divide.

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