Facing conflicts to
find clarity

If we want to break the deadlocks, we have to get into the confrontation – with targeted communication that manages to trigger the common will for a real consensus.

There is often a lack of clarity to see what is achievable

Birte Karalus is responsible for precisely this in international associations, political parties and companies with high-profile participants from politics, business and society: uncovering and promoting the hidden potential in conflicts, moderating opinions and achieving collaborative solutions.
Photo by kyler trautner on Unsplash

Difficult dialogs need a special approach

Bridging different perspectives

Exciting opportunities with significant benefits

Deal with complex conflicts

Constructive thinking, bridge building, thinking through options
Assertiveness in obtaining reliable results
Confident arguments for solid opinion making rather than manipulation
Transparency in finding a sustainable consensus.
Focus on the crucial points, moving away from set phrases and positions.

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