Experience inspiration

As a presenter and TV journalist, I regularly meet with interesting people from all over the world. High-ranking decision-makers, board members, bosses. Influential politicians. World-class celebrities and starlets. And, of course, a lot of exciting personalities who are not A-listers.

I have learned two crucial things: The way the public perceives us depends very much on our ability to communicate. It is often small things that make the difference and help us present our concerns in the best possible way.

By the way, this also includes those who one would expect to act differently – e.g. executive managers and politicians for example – who constantly make astounding, easily avoidable errors.

There is another concern that is closely related to this: In many areas, communication today has morphed into a pure black-and-white concept. If you are not for me, then you are against me. Instead of exchanging opinions and balancing interests, communication breaks down and creates enmity.

A good speaker can do a lot

As a speaker, I am concerned about providing inspiration, broadening my thinking, and giving specific examples of experiences that can help my listeners achieve their own goals.

I would like to motivate using creative impulses to open up new opportunities by encouraging changes in behavior.

I will agree with you ahead of time regarding exactly how you want your content to be oriented – we will craft it so that is  customized to the task of your event and / or to the prerequisites and expectations of the audience.

Do you have any questions to your speaker?

I would be pleased to advise you – free of charge and without obligation.

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