Mediation versus confrontation

Conflicts can occur wherever people congregate. Many of these conflicts resolve themselves. But sometimes attitudes harden and they crunch and crash. For companies, such unresolved conflicts are a dangerous poison.

Mediation or conflict moderation can develop solutions in these procedural situations and ultimately create a positive balance between people – between head and heart. This is moderation in the truest sense.

Conflict moderation introduces structure into the dispute

The aim of mediation is to make the parties involved in a dispute – individual employees or a whole team, as well as executives and negotiating partners – develop solutions to which everyone can contribute. The task of conflict moderation is the role of impartial organizer, one who knows the appropriate procedures and ensures that everyone sees himself and his needs and interests represented.

Through mediation, even the most complex conflicts can be transferred to the level of the problem and emotions can be largely excluded. The best prerequisites for finding a solution with which everyone can live and no one is left behind feeling like a loser.

Moreover, negotiations in economic life are also a case for conflict moderation – and best before difficulties or conflicts arise.

Successful mediation based on experience

In addition to empathy, interest in people and the theoretical fundamentals of mediation, a conflict moderator needs above all a lot of experience. People who like to squabble do not always display textbook reactions.

As a communication strategy, I have learned to mediate, connect and enable in various conflict situations (international, intercultural, internal, etc.).

One important building block is my 20-year professional experience in the media and in the public – in front of the camera, on the stage, as a speaker, presenter, mediator and troubleshooter.

I am happy to share my many years of experience in numerous mediation processes with you and help you resolve conflicts in companies or organizations.

Take the opportunity to clarify the necessary effort and the chances of success in a preliminary discussion. Absolute confidentiality is a given.

Do you have any questions about mediation and conflict moderation?

I would be pleased to advise you – free of charge and without obligation.

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