Someone ties your hands, puts a mask on you and sends you out on a stage. Your task: to convince the public. Using just your voice. Difficult, right? Probably impossible, you think. You carry out just such difficult communications almost daily. Making phone calls.

Your voice can convey more than you think
There are people who exclusively use their voice for communicating and every day, they are successful in front of hundreds of thousands of listeners: Radio and talk show hosts. Without using any mimicry, gestures or eye contact, they manage to take people on an emotional journey. They convey it all with their voice. A pleasant voice, clean pronunciation, a sympathetic tone make all the difference. Always.

Professional tricks for making phone calls
Even if a person cannot see anything on the phone: What you do not see, you hear. Make it your habit to use facial expressions and body language, as if you are actually sitting in a room with that person who is at the other end of the phone. You can hear it. You even hear how you are sitting. Whether you are casually sprawled in a chair or whether you are sitting upright with a cultivated attitude, your physical posture will convey itself through the wire as being professional. Or not. Your clothing makes an impact, too. It makes a difference whether we conduct an important conversation in business dress or in a jogging suit (which can happen when working from a home office). The way your body feels in certain kinds of clothing and your self-confidence in that type of clothing fluctuate depending on what kind of clothing you are wearing and this is transferred to your voice and your inflection. And the simplest trick of all works also on the phone: Smile. This always works wonders because it puts your entire body into a positive state.

This will make your voice even more convincing
Anyone who spends a lot of time on the phone should think about voice training. It helps a person breathe properly and improves enunciation by performing speech exercises. In addition, you learn to optimize your own voice and trust in it. A quiet, clear, firm and pleasant voice not only improves your charisma on the phone enormously, but can help you get through stressful situations in everyday life. Thus, a trained voice is a clear advantage in a job interview, when making a presentation or in team meetings.

Difficult phone calls help you lose your fright
You should prepare yourself for important telephone calls. Especially when you are excited or even have a little respect for the situation. A quiet space where you can remain undisturbed is helpful. A table, a comfortable chair or armchair, and the possibility of getting up every now and then are ideal. Have the necessary documents ready and paper and pen at hand to take notes. And then get yourself in a positive attitude in readiness for the conversation. I’ve become accustomed to playing with my dog ​​before making difficult phone calls, which always brings a smile to my face. Maybe the thing that brings a smile to your lips are cat videos, pretty flowers or your favorite song. Put yourself in a mood that makes it easy for you to smile on the phone. Your voice will convey this positive atmosphere and you will make better phone calls. So, to recap: Keep smiling

Birte Karalus