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The philosophy of Jane Goodall should be sustainably supported – for a more respectful interaction with humans, animals and nature!

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The Foundation for German Stroke Relief

Buy fashion. Save lives. An initiative by “IN LINEA FIRENZE” that benefits the Foundation for German Stroke Relief presented by Birte Karalus.

A stroke can hit each of us and stop us dead in the middle of our lives. Support the work of the Foundation for German Stroke Relief by purchasing these wonderfully cheerful fashion items.

Thank you!
Birte Karalus

Living conditions in our high-performance society have a wide range of risk factors for health. Influence factors like everyday stress, wrong nutritional habits or lack of movement have been systematically researched and documented for many years now. At the same time, awareness about the need for preventive measures, such as against strokes, is growing. Strokes are the third-most common reason for a physical disability in adults.

The Foundation for German Stroke Relief wants to raise awareness on the topic, to promote research in this field, to be the contact person and to support those affected or their relatives.

Together with the Foundation, “IN LINEA Firence” draws attention to the risk of stroke and the prevention possibilities with the “FLOWER FOR LIFE” charity campaign. Presented by Birte Karalus, Foundation Ambassador